The Rules of Gold and Silver and Bronze and Iron

il_fullxfull.440589036_k7tpby David Sims

THERE ARE PEOPLE for whom the golden rule should not apply. These are persons who will treat you dirty after you do them good. They will assign blame to you because your generosity didn’t go as far as they’d hoped, and they’ll speak as if they’d be better off if you did not exist. Such beings shouldn’t have the benefit of the golden rule twice, if they betray its spirit the first time.

Blacks generally fall into this category.

They aren’t worthy of the rule of gold, whereby we would treat them as we’d have them treat us. They won’t.

Nor are they worthy of the rule of silver, whereby we don’t do unto them what we don’t want them doing to us. They’ll do it to us anyway.

The proper way for Whites to behave in their dealings with Blacks is either according to the rule of bronze — do unto them as they did unto you — or, if things escalate to war, the rule of iron: do unto them such that they will no longer have the ability to do unto us.

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  1. August 28, 2016 at 1:10 pm — Reply

    If I want to be raped, does this permit me to rape others? (It should according to the golden rule.) The reverse makes a lot more sense “Do not treat others as you want to be treated yourself.”

    We need to get rid of this so called morality, all of it, in order to survive.

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