“Anti-Semitic”: Just Another Word for “Correct”

Jewish-facesby David Sims

HERE’S A QUESTION (with obviously biased wording) from Yahoo Answers: “Why are pacifists against war when Israel defends themselves but they never say anything when Palestinians murder Israelis?” (ILLUSTRATION: Faces of a few well-known Jews)

And here’s my answer:

American pacifists are against war. The reason they protest more often against Israeli aggression toward the Palestinians, as compared with the reverse, is that the Israelis commit aggression much more often than the Palestinians do.

Further, Zionist Jews are known throughout the world as the biggest hypocrites. They refuse to allow Arabs and Ethiopians into their country as equal citizens, with the same rights as Jews have, while at the same time Zionist Jews insist that the United States, the UK, and every country in Europe open their doors wide to African immigrants and Muslim immigrants, and grant them status equal to that of the native born right away.

Honest actors on the political stage don’t do that. Only hypocrites act one way, and then demand that others comply with a different set of moral values.

Zionist Jews often cry about “anti-Semitism,” which many people now know fully well means nothing more than speaking the truth about Jews. “Anti-Semitic” statements are usually also true statements; the fact that Jews don’t like those statements is why the Jews refer to them with a “naughty” label.

Consider, if you will, the odds. It is certainly true, and virtually no one disagrees, that Jews, more than any other people, are disliked by all other peoples.

But whose fault is this likely to be?

Is it at all probable that a wide range of Gentile groups, having encountered the Jews, all began telling very similar lies about them, even though they could not possibly have colluded with each other because of distance or because of wide separations in time?

Or is it, rather, more likely that the Jews really are as all of those other peoples have described them to be?

And what are the usual “anti-Semitic” characterizations of Jews? Jews are said to be predatory; they are said to be cheaters of the ignorant and exploiters of the weak; they are said to be dishonest and untrustworthy in the largest matters of money, especially with regard to their habit of profiting from usury.

What if all of those “anti-Semitic” statements are true? What should you do then?

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