New William Pierce CD Released

CD3_Pierce_imageThis is the third CD in the National Alliance’s Power of Truth series.

AN ADDITIONAL twenty of the very best speeches by Dr. William Luther Pierce have now been released in this, the third in our series of CDs — William Pierce: The Power of Truth, Volume 3. The complete track list is below. This is a modern mp3-CD, playable in all modern computers and most new CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray players — and as such it has about ten times the playing time of an ordinary CD.

This is a beautifully-packaged, professional, impressive production that you will be proud to share with friends and family members who need a bit of inspiration — or awakening. In earlier years, when we sold these speeches and programs on individual cassette tapes, they would have cost you a total of $260. Today we are offering them for less than a sixteenth of that cost — and in a much more durable and attractive format.

You may purchase via postal mail (to Box 172, Laurel Bloomery TN 37680; make checks payable to the National Alliance) or order online by clicking your choice below:

Buy one copy of William Pierce: The Power of Truth, Vol. 3 CD for $16

Buy five copies of William Pierce: The Power of Truth, Vol. 3 CD for $50

The CD contains the following moving and powerful works by Dr. Pierce:

1.  A Closer Look at the Enemy
2.  Advice for Patriots
3.  Basics
4.  Calling for Tolerance
5.  Cowardice and Individualism
6.  Defying the Censors
7.  Demonstrating for Freedom
8.  Elites vs. Masses
9.  Face Crime and Anthrax
10. Fear of the Smear
11. Fooling the People
12. Hands Off Yugoslavia
13. Hate Mail
14. How Liberals Think
15. Lawyers
16. Moral AIDS
17. On Church-Goers
18. Returning Fire
19. Scalp Dance
20. Storm, Break Loose!

By purchasing this CD you will also have the satisfaction of supporting the National Alliance, American Dissident Voices, and the National Alliance Radio Network.

Buy one copy of William Pierce: The Power of Truth, Vol. 3 CD for $16

Buy five copies of William Pierce: The Power of Truth, Vol. 3 CD for $50

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Source: William Pierce: The Power of Truth series

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Listen: Turner Diaries commercial

OUR NEW, remastered audio book edition of The Turner Diaries read by the author, Dr. William Pierce is now available. You can get your copy now — the CDs are are shipping as soon as orders come in.

The original recordings, made by Dr. Pierce and Kevin Strom on reel-to-reel tape in 1995, had been digitized in the early 2000s, but that digitization process was primitive compared to what we are capable of today; we have remastered this important work using the latest software — and we did it the careful, slow, difficult, craftsman-like way — the way Dr. Pierce would have wanted it.

We are proud to offer you the result, which can be ordered online via or by postal mail from National Alliance, Box 172, Laurel Bloomery TN 37680 USA. The fidelity of the disc is excellent: On a good speaker system, it sounds as if Dr. Pierce is with you, reading his book to you personally. There is nothing quite like hearing the man who created The Turner Diaries read it to you himself. And, by purchasing this mp3-CD, you will be supporting the important work of the National Alliance.

Listen: Turner Diaries commercial

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