Germany: CDU Politician Rebels, Warns of White Minority in 14 Years

german-politician-white-minorityERIKA Steinbach, a human rights spokesperson for Angela Merkel’s CDU party, has been told to resign after she posted a photo on Twitter suggesting that Germany would be minority White by 2030.

The picture shows a crowd of non-White children looking at a lone White child. The caption saysGermany 2030” and “Where do you come from?

Ulrich Kelber, a politician for the socialist SDP party tweeted “You have — once again — crossed the fine line from right-wing populism to racism. I am sorry for you.

Steinbach responded by tweeting “To all those in denial of reality: more people than you think in Germany are worried that the natives will become a minority.

She told German newspaper, Bild: “That photo was sent to me by a worried father from Frankfurt, whose children only have two other German classmates. He sent that photo with the letter.

It is not an aggressive photo. There are no Arab refugees on it, but friendly Indians who are inquisitive and interested in the child.

When asked if Germany really would become minority White by 2030, she responded “The data indicates so.

Green Party leader Anton Hofreiter criticized her tweet.

For me this raises the question of how Mrs Steinbach can reconcile her racist statements with her position as human rights spokesperson” he told the Cologne City Gazette.

The “anti-racists” don’t seem to think that White people are humans. They think of us as “racist” devils. These so-called “anti-racists” are actually anti-White, hate our existence, and are working to exterminate us from the face of the Earth.

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Source: White Genocide Project

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