More Than 1 in 4 Americans Now Believe the Government is the Enemy of the People


A startling new study reveals that more than 1 in 4 Americans now believe that the government is the enemy of its very citizens.

THE Pew Research Center concluded that 27 percent of all registered voters describe the U.S. government as the “enemy” of the people. That percentage is thought to be lower than the overall average, as many non-voters are assumed to have an extremely negative or despondent view of the government as well.

This is up 8 points since the same survey was done in 1996.

This poll specifically looked at general public opinion regarding the federal government and its relationship to U.S. citizens.

But it isn’t just those 27% who the government should be worried about. A full 57% of voters say they feel frustrated with the government, with another 22% feeling angry and only 18% feeling “basically content.”

That means 82% of U.S. citizens is in some way pretty upset with the State. Those 22% who are angry could easily sway into the group that the 27% are in — who describe the government as their “enemy.”

A full 59% surveyed say that the government needs “very major reform.” That’s huge when you consider that only 37 percent of voters felt that way in 1997.

Lest you fall into the partisan trap of thinking that this is skewed by anti-Obama hatred on the right, 35% of Republicans say that they believe the federal government is the enemy, while 34% of Independents say the same thing.

There are also 12% of Democrats who say that they would outrightly describe the government as the “enemy” of the people.

Only half of Democrats had an overall favorable view of the government as the “friend” of the people. When we consider what the mainstream media sells us about partisan opinions on this matter, that is an extremely high rate of discontent and distrust of the government from the left.

A full 75% of all registered voters acknowledges that the government is essentially “run by a few big interests” and is not representative of the people.

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Source: Cognitive Liberty

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