More “Holocaust” Propaganda at the Oscars


THE fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative is constantly and endlessly promoted, reinforced, and perpetuated not only by our mainstream educational and political establishment, but — perhaps even more importantly — also by the mass media and “entertainment” complex centered in Hollywood. The Jewish Daily Forward recently reported that, once again, “Holocaust”-themed films are up for Academy Awards at this year’s Oscars ceremony.


Two films about the Holocaust and its aftermath have made the cut to compete for best foreign-language film. They were selected from among entries from 80 countries vying for Oscar honors, according to an announcement Thursday evening by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Both entries, “Son of Saul” and “Labyrinth of Lies,” are among the critics’ favorites to garner an Academy Award — indicating, once again, that the Shoah retains its grip on the minds and souls of both international filmmakers and the members of the academy who cast their votes.

Last year, the foreign-language Oscar went to the Polish movie “Ida,” which followed the path of a devout young woman raised in a convent and about to take her vows as a nun. Suddenly, she learns that her parents were Jews who perished in the Holocaust and sets out to rediscover her roots. […]

It should come as no surprise to astute observers and critics of Hollywood and American popular culture that “Holocaust”-themed movies tend to be represented at the Oscars, with many of them actually winning Academy Awards.

Hollywood and American popular culture are entirely dominated and controlled by Jews with a specific agenda, namely, the demoralization, exploitation, and ultimate genocide of the White race. The fake “Holocaust” narrative, which has been scientifically and scholarly debunked by courageous and honest historians, is crucial to international Jewry’s global agenda directed at the destruction of the White race and Western civilization. Indeed, Jews themselves have admitted that the “Holocaust” is a central factor to the Jewish takeover and domination of America and the wider Western world following WWII.

The lies told about Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany, and WWII generally form the basic historical paradigm the vast majority of Westerners hold today. The fake “Holocaust” narrative has not only advanced Jewish political, economic, and cultural interests, it has also served as a weapon used by Jewry to demonize and pathologize White identity. Jewish leaders often blame the entire White Western world for the entirely fictional “Holocaust” Jews allegedly experienced during WWII, and equate any sort of White racial consciousness with “White supremacy,” “Nazism,” and Adolf Hitler.

It is time for the world to recognize these basic facts, and understand the central role played by Hollywood and the mass media — which as stated previously are entirely controlled by Jews with a specifically anti-White agenda — in perpetuating the fake “Holocaust” narrative of WWII.

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Source: Praxis Mag

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