Animated Youtube Character Part of Jewish/US Strategy to “Combat Radicalization”

“Abdullah-X” urges young Muslim invaders to be “moderate”

A MUSLIM cartoon character with a British working class accent is intended to prevent radicalization, speaking about Syria, women’s rights, and the “real motivation of groups who claim to be fighting for Islam”, that is, whether the Islamic State, the Caliphate, is really Muslim, etc. The project has been subsidized and backed by Facebook and Google. Facebook has committed its resources to fighting what it defines as “hate”.

Meanwhile, the US is planning a “digital communications hub” in the UAE to fight online radicalization, and will add two more in Nigeria and Malaysia. The Senate Intelligence Committee is seeking to ban pro-terrorist content online, but no one knows how to define terrorism.

The series is ostensibly created by a “former radical Muslim” named Ahmed, who said he spent years helping to spread and vocalize “extreme and harsh” worldviews in Britain.

He was quoted by CNN as saying “Young people — the most vulnerable groups in society — were caught between government policy perspectives on how you combat terrorism and extremism, and this wall of shame and denial from within communities. I felt that we needed something that was going to be innovative and engaging.”

So he supposedly created Abdullah X, the eponymous star of the series and an animated alter-ego that “mirrors Ahmed’s own journey from former extremist to someone who now hopes to steer young Muslims away from violence and extreme views.”

Frankly, it all reads like intelligence agency boilerplate.

One obvious problem with the Abdullah-X strategy is that Google and Facebook are companies owned by prominent Jews who openly collaborate with Israeli intelligence agencies to advance Israeli interests. Muslims, apparently, are expected to be too stupid to realize this.

Compared with the sophisticated propaganda put out by the Islamic State, “Abdullah-X” seems pathetically tame and weak, as if it was designed by clock-watchers with no passion for their subject matter — or by someone intending it to fail in its mission.

Clicking on the prominent “Watch the Official Trailer” link at results in a “this video does not exist” message.

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Source: Correspondents

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