The Liberal Dream is Over: ISIS Declares War on Russia and All of Europe

Russia and the West will be theirs, declares ISIS: “Your wives will be our concubines; your children will be our slaves”; “Europe shakes — the Kremlin will be ours”; map shown of caliphate expanding into Europe.

WARNING: Children and sensitive persons should not watch this video, which is extremely graphic and shows the execution by beheading of numerous captives of ISIS, a group which is widely believed to have established a modus vivendi with world Jewry, and which clearly is involved in the current invasion of Europe. In notable contrast to earlier ISIS productions, the video’s “chants” make use of the Russian language. Its title is “Soon: Very Soon” and it was released just days before today’s attacks in Paris, France.

The production bears the logo of the Al-Hayat Media Center, the Islamic State’s foreign language media division, which has produced a series of similar videos documenting ISIS atrocities and threatening different targets in the West.

“We came to you with slaughter, defying death. In your gun barrel we have seen paradise,” the subtitles read. “Europe is shaking, Russia is dying. The Kremlin will be ours,” they chant.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Russian security agencies will look into the video.

“I do not know the authenticity of this video, I do not know the authenticity of these sources, but in any case no doubt this will be material for review by our special services,” Peskov said.

Some have speculated that the video’s release was intentionally scheduled to distract international attention from the losses the Islamic State is suffering on the battlefield in Iraq. In the US, National Alliance media director Kevin Strom stated that it is possible that the video — which is very well-produced — inspired the Paris attacks that quickly followed its release.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for planting a bomb and bringing down a Russian passenger jet that crashed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula two weeks ago, killing 224 people.

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