U.S. District Court: Tucson City Officials Conspired With La Raza Affiliate


IN a strongly worded, 15 page ruling in Warden v. Tucson City Officials, CV-14-02050, U.S. District Court Judge David Bury describes a pattern of official misconduct; Tucson government officials conspired with local radicals affiliated with the National Council of La Raza and knowingly violated clearly stated law  to retaliate against Tucson Activist Roy Warden for exposing Tucson City cronyism and the promulgation of Open Border Policy. (ILLUSTRATION: Roy Warden speaks)

“For several decades the interests of the National Council of La Raza, and Tucson City Officials, were one,” says Warden.

“Tucson wanted a never ending stream of illegal Mexican aliens to drive down the cost of labor and fuel the expansion of active adult retirement communities, like Saddlebrooke and Quail Creek. La Raza cannon fodder to fuel a ‘raza revo-lution.’

“For twenty years or more, La Raza, through their surrogates, and Tucson City officials worked together. Each got the cheap labor and radical politics they wanted,” says Warden.

Warden filed a Request to Enter Default and Affidavit in Support against Tucson City Co-Defendant “Tucson May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights,” (CWIR), a known La Raza affiliate, which has refused to answer two summons to appear.

CWIR is a shadowy organization not listed with the Arizona Corporation as a non-profit, yet Tucson has issued several permits in their name. So I’m appealing to the media and the Pima County legal community to find out just WHO is behind this group,” says Warden. 

Anyone who knows the identity and whereabouts of the principals of CWIR are encouraged to contact: Roy Warden at .

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  1. George Wright
    October 7, 2015 at 5:57 pm — Reply

    I can’t even honestly say I’m shocked. It is increasingly obvious that our politicians are easily corrupted when enough cash is dangled in front of them. Bet nothing significant happens to the individuals responsible for this outrage.

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