Nearly One in Four Romanians Want Their Country Free of Jews — Poll


More than half of respondents call anti-Jewish leader Ion Antonescu a patriot

NEARLY A QUARTER of Romanian respondents in a survey on Jews said their country should have no Jewish residents. (ILLUSTRATION: bust of Ion Antonescu)

The results of the survey among 1,000 Romanian adults were published last week by the Elie Wiesel National Institute for Holocaust Studies in Romania, [Notice that even in countries where the people have strong objections to Jewish power, the Jews are able to openly operate large, lavishly-funded institutions which monitor and attempt to control the host population. — Ed.] which commissioned the Centre for Opinion and Market Studies to conduct the poll in June.

Eleven percent described Jews as “a problem for Romania” and 22 percent said they would like them only as tourists. Media reports about the poll did not specify its margin of error.

Romania had a Jewish population of over 750,000 before the Antonescu administration came to power. Its Romanianization policies, which took the country’s businesses and institutions out of Jewish hands, enjoyed great popular acclaim and were supported and in some cases implemented by a number of Antonescu’s political rivals, including the Iron Guard.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents indicated they had heard of the “Holocaust” — a 12 percent increase over a similar poll conducted in 2007 — but only a third of those respondents who knew about the “Holocaust” believe it happened in their country.

Only 19 percent of respondents who were aware of the “Holocaust” and said it occurred in Romania said Antonescu’s government was responsible. Some 54 percent of survey respondents called Antonescu “a patriot.”

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Source: Times of Israel

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