Alex Jones Youtube Channel Posts Video Claiming California is Following in “Nazi” Footsteps


ALEX JONES (pictured) and his kosher Jew friendly staff continue insane “Nazi” comparisons. Now they are claiming that California is following in “Nazi” footsteps.

Really? In what way? If they were, there would be a purge of illegal aliens from the state and a complete reversal of all Marxist political policies.

Hell, look at San Francisco for god sake. The National Socialists would be opposed to about every insane and perverted thing currently happening in that city.

Look Jones, haven’t you already gotten enough grief over this continual “Nazi” comparison nonsense? Just admit that you were wrong about Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists. What is so hard about doing that? People would respect you much more if you did this.

Let’s face the facts, the people running America today are Jews and Marxists. They are the same people who financed the Bolshevik revolution and implemented Communism in the Soviet Union. Hitler and the National Socialists legitimately opposed these criminals. This is why there has been so much anti-German and anti-Hitler propaganda from Jewish run media operations over the past 70 years.

Answer this question, Jones: How does it feel to have sold your soul for shekels? Honor and integrity is priceless and until you admit that you were wrong, people will look at you as having neither.

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Source: Daily Slave

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  1. fd
    July 2, 2015 at 12:46 pm — Reply

    National Socialist Germany was a White racial state. California is the exact opposite of a White racial state. Jones can’t compare California to Jewish Democratic Capitalism because his name would be removed from the payroll.

  2. Tedx
    July 4, 2015 at 9:56 pm — Reply

    Jones tries to replace the term “International Finance Jews” with “Nazi” at every turn. I have often challenged his claim that Hitler disarmed the German people with comments on his site.

    Recently, in response to news on racial issues following the N.C. church shooting, I posted a comment on Prison Planet, claiming “The Turner Diaries” was becoming more prophetic by the day.

    The following day Alex Jones mentioned “The Turner Diaries” out of the blue during a broadcast. He claimed the author was linked to secret societies and global elites.

    That absurdity was only matched by the claim I witnessed him make, equating Hitler and the Nazis with the Illuminati. Considering that Hitler outlawed Freemasonry in Germany, confiscated all their lodges and prohibited any dues-paying Mason from ever working in the German government, Jones was clearly misleading his naïve followers in service to his Zionist sponsors once again.


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