What “Protected Group” Really Means

by David Sims

sarah_marshak_cropA FEW YEARS ago, on 23 October 2007, Sarah Marshak (pictured) began creating a hoax of an antisemitic “hate crime” by drawing a swastika on the whiteboard mounted on the door of her dorm room and then reported it to the campus security police. On 27 October, another female dorm resident, Erica Tanne, who also is Jewish, found a swastika on her door. On 28 October, Marshak reported her fourth swastika, and on the 30th her fifth. A sixth swastika was found on a fence near the GW Hospital.

At some point during this hoaxing, the University administration called in the FBI to catch the “Nazis” who were presumably threatening poor, innocent little Jewish girls on the GWU campus. The police set up hidden cameras in Marshak’s hall where they could observe her door. Guess who they caught drawing the next swastika? Yep. Sarah Marshak.

What the news stories usually don’t tell you is the extent to which the GWU administration and nearby Jewish organizations were calling for the arrest and punishment of the offender, prior to the discovery that the offender was a Jewish girl. It was extreme. A male student was expelled for something he did not do. Criminal charges were considered, which might have led to wrongful imprisonment.

But just as soon as the real culprit was discovered, and the world learned that she was a Jewish girl, suddenly the “take-’em-down-put-’em-away” rhetoric vanished. Suddenly, the crime didn’t seem so bad. Suddenly, all the perpetrator did was make a roundabout “cry for help.” This is the kind of nasty double-standard that we White Gentiles have to put up with in this Zionist occupied country.

Actually, the accountability standard is multiple, not just double. The strictness with which you’ll probably be judged, and the severity of the punishment that you can expect, for any given  politically incorrect act, depends on which racial, religious, socioeconomic, and political group you belong to. And sexual orientation.

The more mainstream you are, the less leeway you have. Whereas that might appear to turn the democratic ideal upside down, that’s nevertheless how things are.

Are you a White Christian [or, heaven forbid, a racially-conscious White free-thinker  — Ed.]? Expect strictness and severity. Are you Jewish? Expect forgiveness and and mild penance, if any.

Are you White? Expect strictness and severity. Are you Black? Expect plea-bargain deals and probation.

Do you work for a living? Expect strictness and severity. Does your income come to you without your having to raise either sweat or a hand? Expect charges to be dismissed, if any were ever filed in the
first place.

Are you a normal heterosexual? Expect strictness and severity. Are you a homosexual pervert? Expect the benefit of every doubt.

The standards for accountability are stratified. The Jews have the highest status and hence the most lenient treatment for their offensiveness and the greatest favor when their complaints are given official consideration. Then come the richest of the non-Jews. Then (among those who aren’t extremely wealthy) come the Blacks, the Hispanics, and the homosexuals. Then come persons of color who are neither Black nor Hispanic.

* * *

Source: David Sims

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