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WWW_portrait_xNew Leader of National Alliance featured in British publication

by Mark Cotterill

HERITAGE AND DESTINY is pleased to announce that long-standing White nationalist – Will White Williams – has taken over as Chairman of the US-based National Alliance (NA).

H&D editor Mark Cotterill first met Mr. Williams way back in November 1993, when he visited the National Alliance’s then-new West Virginia headquarters in Hillsboro for the first time. Mark and another comrade from Milton Keynes were the very first Brits to visit Dr. Pierce out at Hillsboro, since he moved the NA from its previous Washington DC-area HQ. (ILLUSTRATION: the National Alliance’s new Chairman, William White Williams)

H&D’s assistant editor Peter Rushton worked with Mr. Williams in organising Dr. Pierce’s successful visit to England in 1995, when he addressed the BNP’s annual rally (even though he had been banned from entering the UK!).

Dr. William Pierce with H&D’s Editor Mark Cotterill – Hillsboro, West Virginia, 1993
Dr. William Pierce with H&D’s Editor Mark Cotterill – Hillsboro, West Virginia, 1993

Mr. Williams replaces the disgraced former NA Chairman Erich Gliebe – a close friend of the BNP’s former Chairman Nick Griffin. Both Gliebe and Griffin almost destroyed the NA and BNP and turned them from being two of the most successful White nationalist groups in the world, to barely more than a laughing stock. Griffin was removed as BNP chairman earlier this year, and expelled from the party a couple of months later.

With the removal of both Gliebe and Griffin, White nationalists on both sides of the pond can for the first time in many years look forward to the New Year with hope and optimism.

H&D editor Mark Cotterill, with former Scottish BNP organiser Stevie Cartwright – Hillsboro West Virginia 1999
H&D editor Mark Cotterill, with former Scottish BNP organiser Stevie Cartwright – Hillsboro, West Virginia 1999

H&D wishes Will Williams all the very best in rebuilding the National Alliance and we will keep readers informed of their progress.

Below is a statement from the new chairman of the National Alliance:

To update the situation with the National Alliance in the United States, I’m pleased to announce to H&D readers some recent developments.

As a result of a lawsuit that was brought against Chairman Erich Gliebe a year or so ago for malfeasance and gross mismanagement by six of his former Alliance members, Mr. Gliebe recently decided to resign and name me the new chairman, with the approval of the board of directors. I have inherited an organization with more than 90 percent fewer members than when its founder, Dr. William L. Pierce, died in 2002. Yet I see our glass as half-full. We get a fresh start and a clean slate, beginning hopefully where Dr. Pierce left off.

I had arguably been Mr. Gliebe’s harshest critic for over a decade when those who sued him finally came around to see the light and agreed with my criticisms of his incapable governance. It is well documented that since 2003 I had been calling for Gliebe to step down and turn the Alliance back over to the board of directors that Dr. Pierce had appointed to guide the Alliance after his passing.

Unfortunately for the plaintiffs, they thought if they could spend enough money the court would just turn the National Alliance over to them. That is not going to happen.

Dr William L. Pierce with part of his invaluable library, now saved for the movement by the takeover of the National Alliance and its transition under new chairman Will Williams.
Dr William L. Pierce with part of his invaluable library, now saved for the movement by the takeover of the National Alliance and its transition under new chairman Will Williams.

Mr. Gliebe met the plaintiffs’ explicit demands to step down as Alliance chairman and to name a successor. Now it is I who have become the target of this group of six erstwhile Alliance members’ criticism. Neither I nor the National Alliance are defendants in their suit. I’m interested to know how they think they will remove the legally appointed Alliance chairman and seize control of Alliance assets for themselves; they say they will, but all I’ve been hearing from them is how sour their grapes are. Those plaintiffs collected upwards of $25,000 which they paid to their attorney — who is not “one of us,” by the way — while saying they were willing to raise and pay $25,000 more to unseat Gliebe, and now me. What a waste of precious funds. I, on the other hand, have spent an equal amount of my own savings to pay down the Alliance’s considerable debt, stabilize things, and preserve what Dr. Pierce left to us.

We have the best foundation in place to rebuild on. Soon people will be able to download a National Alliance membership application on and mail it to me for consideration. We are rebuilding that site and presently. We have maintained where later this month (December, 2014) you can listen to our 52nd American Dissident Voices broadcast in as many weeks. Has it been a year already since we launched this primary pillar of our outreach?

When I’d heard in February of 2014 that Gliebe was selling off assets, particularly Dr. Pierce’s research library, to raise funds to fight off the legal challenge, I was so alarmed that I contacted him for the first time in nearly 12 years and began negotiations to purchase the library myself. If I could buy it, this library would become a major building block in the new National Alliance organization — separate, then, from Mr. Gliebe’s failed rump organization — that I described in a letter to the editor in H&D Issue 6 (July/August). That treasured library is now secure and is being expanded, and will remain with the National Alliance — the one Dr. Pierce founded — in perpetuity.

(H&D readers wishing to contact Will Williams and/or the National Alliance, should use the contact form at or write: National Alliance, PO Box 172, Laurel Bloomery, TN 37680, USA.)

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