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Stolen Revilo Oliver Materials Being Flagrantly Sold on Ebay


by E.V. Sutherland

THOUSANDS OF BOOKS and papers belonging to the estate of Professor Revilo P. Oliver were stolen from Kevin Alfred Strom by his ex-wife with the collusion and assistance of the FBI and the “Joint Terrorism Task Force” and are now being flagrantly sold on Ebay by a vendor identifying himself as “Rick Remer” of Wardensville, West Virginia with the Ebay ID of “kaf780.” Kevin Strom, from whom the items were stolen, was chosen by Oliver himself, and the trustees of his estate, with the task of cataloguing and digitizing these invaluable papers, correspondence, and unpublished works. The digitizing work was only partially completed when Mr. Strom was arrested on false charges by the JTTF and incarcerated for two years, putting him in a position where he was utterly helpless to prevent the theft.

Remer makes no pretense of preserving Dr. Oliver’s legacy and sells the items to all and any takers, even trying to attract Jewish buyers and others potentially hostile to Dr. Oliver and his work with such titles as “Nazi,” “anti-Semitic,” and “Judaica” in his advertisements for the auctions. It is estimated that Remer has made tens of thousands of dollars from the sales.

Kevin Strom has taken legal action against his ex-wife for the theft and has attempted to recover these items and enjoin their sale, but has been stymied so far by the absolute refusal of the Greene County, Virginia courts to even hear his case or prosecute the crime. The thief is represented by a Virginia attorney, George Dygert, whose offices are in the same building as the FBI offices where the thief’s chief collaborator is headquartered.

Below are unaltered, saved files — evidence indicating that a crime has been committed. They show but a tiny, microscopic fraction of these illegitimate sales:

“Anti-Semitic” correspondence

“Material about George Dietz, Dr William Pierce”

“Far right,” “National Youth Alliance”

“Revilo P Oliver American Defense Group 1977 Deguello Report”

“Revilo P Oliver and William G. Simpson,” inside distribution details of “Which Way Western Man

New book by Dr. Oliver; numerous copies of this book were stolen

“Tom Anderson and Revilo Oliver” private correspondence

“Revilo P. Oliver National Youth Alliance American Nazi Party… WILD!”

“William Abbott Oldfather Revilo P. Oliver Urbana IL Socialist and Fascist WILD”

* * *

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