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Paul Fromm for Mayor: Our City is Full

by M.P. Shiel

CANADIAN Paul Fromm (pictured), a former schoolteacher who is either 1) a brave advocate for self-determination and free speech or 2) an evil neo-nazi bigot, depending on whether you’re talking to the man on the street or a spokesman for the immigrant lobby — has begun a campaign for mayor of Mississauga, Ontario, a sizable city which has seen a huge demographic change in recent years. Fromm is the fourteenth announced candidate in the race [and had already been denied access to organized debates.]

Mr. Fromm is well known as a former Peel District School Board teacher who was fired in the late 1990s for refusing to curtail his political speech outside the classroom.

“Immigration is the issue,” Fromm said in the announcement of his candidacy. “It’s the two-ton elephant in the room that the municipal politicians don’t want to discuss. They just want to babble about the supposed benefits of ‘diversity.'”

Fromm lost his position teaching English at Applewood Heights Secondary School in 1997 after B’Nai Brith Canada and allied groups said that his opposition to enforced multiracialism and multiculturalism — which he expressed off of school grounds only — was “hate.”

The school board responded by removing Fromm from the classroom after 19 years on the job. The alleged “final straw” was when Mr. Fromm attended a memorial service for controversial writer and classics professor Revilo P. Oliver.

“He was terminated from his life’s work of teaching — just because he attended the funeral of a friend, who was someone the open-borders lobby didn’t like, and for peacefully opposing immigration,” according to Gideon Dene, editor of The American Mercury. “He even lost his teaching license. That’s outrageous,” Dene added.

Paul Fromm could still be considered a teacher: He spends his time speaking at venues all over the U.S. and Canada, doing a weekly radio show, and serving as a director of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Immigration is the central issue that motivates him. Fromm says “Immigration impacts almost every major problem in Mississauga — overcrowded roads, dwindling farm land, the environment, welfare costs. If I’m elected, I’ll camp out on the Minister of Immigration’s front lawn and demand action,” he said. According to Fromm, immigration feeds overpopulation: “Will the roads be any less congested? Will welfare costs be lower? Will the environment be safer with nearly another 300,000 in Peel? Not likely. Mississauga is full. It’s more than doubled in size since I moved here in 1980.”

Fromm also heads the Canadian Association for Free Expression, a group which fights censorship, both public and private.

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