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House Democrats: Free Jewish Spy

MEMBERS OF CONGRESS have sought to drum up support for a proposal for President Barack Obama to free a U.S. Navy analyst imprisoned since 1985 on charges of relaying classified data to Israel.

Members of the Democratic majority have been circulating a letter that called for the release of Jonathan Pollard (pictured). The letter called on Obama to free Pollard in an effort to promote peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority….

The letter was drafted in late September and organized by Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. Bill Pascrell, Rep. Edolphus Towns and Rep. Anthony Weiner, Middle East Newsline reported. The House Democrats asserted that clemency for Pollard would demonstrate U.S. support and encourage Israel to take risks for peace.

In 1986, Pollard, despite reaching a plea bargain, was sentenced to life in prison. His sentence was scheduled for review in 2015.

Read the full article at the World Tribune

Addendum: Video from Dr. David Duke’s report on Pollard:

WHAT YOU SEE here is rarely caught on tape — a spy in action.

“This is Pollard actually in the act of stealing highly classified information,” says formal Naval investigator Ron Olive. “1500 top secret documents in a matter of seconds.”

Olive helped catch Jonathan Pollard and has written a book about the Navy intelligence analyst who spied for Israel.

NBC News has obtained surveillance video, which for the first time, actually shows Pollard pilfering classified documents and stuffing them into a briefcase supplied by Israel.

When a co-worker walks by, Pollard reaches to close his drawer, then resumes what’s he’s doing.

“That tells us that he knows that he is stealing,” says Olive.

Soon, the briefcase is so full Pollard has trouble closing it! But eventually he succeeds and walks out the door with some of America’s most sensitive secrets. (See Video Here)

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