German Mayor Against Building RAF Bomber Memorial

THE EASTERN GERMAN city of Dresden was turned into rubble over two days and nights in February 1945 by British and American bombers. (ILLUSTRATION: Even three weeks after the near-total destruction of Dresden, which makes 9/11 look like a stubbed toe, bodies were still being found by the thousands.)

Some 25,000 people [Many estimates are far higher. — Ed.], mostly women and children, died in savage firestorms whipped up by the intense heat of 2,400 tons of high explosive and 1,500 tons of incendiary bombs. The raid was controversial because the war was almost over and Dresden had no strategic value as a military target.

Planners at Westminster City Council [in Britain] approved in May [a] proposed £3.5 million memorial for the 55,573 bombers who were killed in the Second World War….

[Dresden Mayor] Helen Orosz told The Daily Express the memorial would “not be part of the culture of reconciliation.”

“The emotions of the people in Dresden are running high. It is against our culture of remembrance.”

Ursula Elsner, 80, was a child when the bombers destroyed Dresden.

“We rely on our mayor to use the strongest diplomatic language possible to express our strong concerns about this monument.”

Currently writing a book of eyewitness accounts to the raids, she added: “I find these plans both sad and macabre. Such a monument justifies the bombing attacks and damages the mutual reconciliation process of the past few years between Britain and Germany.”

Dresden Liberal party councillor Holger Zastrow said: “This memorial injures the feelings of Dresdeners and is utterly tasteless.”

Read the full story at The Telegraph

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1 Comment

  1. Heinemann
    March 23, 2015 at 10:33 am — Reply

    This shamelessness to propose actually building a memorial to British Bomber Command in Germany arouses the suspicion that the British are not behind this. Nor reconciliation.

    What other but a creature of abysmal darkness could desire to construct an indelible reminder of implacable greed represented as a seal of approval of the final judgment to the wanton disaster of Dresden.

    Because of the restoration of the once beautiful city, named appropriately Florence on the Elbe and consummated with the consecration of the resurrected Frauen Kirche it has aroused revenge among the vigilant, subhuman antagonists , who sent the bombers in 1945.

    One should be surprised the Buregermeisterin would have the will and liberty to refuse this effrontery . Unusual, a liberal from Saxony. Time will tell if she is true.

    Versoehnung ,”reconciliation” was a last concession chosen by the occupational government and pledged by the survivors of the war. Here the mayor evokes this “culture of reconciliation” and exposes the hypocritically unfaithful nature of the British side.

    Many young Bundeslaenders still grovel in repudiation of family and culture and Volk to celebrate self immolation with a perverse mind that glorifies cowardice, treason and eventual assimilation.

    Ursula Elsner is a worthy messenger of rare virtues of truth , reason and justice from a culture where they were inherited qualities in a people , that loved its race and savior.

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